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For 15 years, I’ve been teaching yoga in New York City and have had the privilege to help some of the city’s busiest and most successful people reduce stress and improve their health through one-on-one sessions, corporate yoga programs, wellness workshops and classes at one the city’s premier studios, Pure Yoga.

Before that, I worked for many years in advertising and spent a lot of time being anxious and exhausted.  I either slept too much or too little.  I had chronic stomach pain (mostly stress-related) and spent my weekends buying things I didn’t need to fill some sort of void. When I started practicing yoga, everything shifted physically and emotionally.  So, I left the ad world to teach full-time.

I understand the feelings of anxiety and burnout.  I know them first-hand and have seen what it does to people’s health.  I also know it can be turned around. And you don’t have to quit your job to become a yoga teacher for it to happen.

I help people who want to have a greater impact in life- with family, work, or charity- find and keep a connection to their body which is absolutely essential for tapping into our intuition, voice, power and resilience. For many of us, we could step into our full potential, contribute and create more if we just felt better.

I can teach you how to unstick stress in your body, eliminate anxiety and self-doubt so you feel centered, strong and connected to your real voice so you can accomplish all that you want without losing your health or happiness along the way.

If you're sweating and smiling in complete gratitude, you're probably in Pam Reece's class.
Pam’s classes are the ideal combination of calming yet invigorating. She challenges us with her creative poses, yet encourages us with her warm personality. Pam also happens to be a luminous presence who radiates pure goodness. Yoga simply doesn’t get any better. Robin Pogrebin

Writer, New York Times

I’ve taken Pam’s classes at different studios for many years, while also working with other teachers and practicing other yoga styles. She is the one and only teacher I keep coming back to, always with joy and anticipation. Her practice, grace and alignment are inspiring, but it’s impossible to feel discouraged or inadequate in her classes. Everyone, from yoga novices to experts, is equally welcomed and equally challenged. Her classes are creative, never boring: unlike most teachers, she doesn’t simply repeat the same sequences class after class.

Overall, Pam’s particular blend of asana, warmth, and real-world spirituality is unique. I hope she teaches forever!

Julia Moskin

As I say thanks for the greatest things in my life; I start with my daughter, move to my mother, and end with Pam. Thru her presence at the start of the yoga path I was able to weave the beauty, power, and love of yoga into daily life. Matt Rupel

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friday 4pm vinyasa

 friday 5pm slow flow

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